Eight of our Favourite Fitness Pros Worth Following


Not your average fitspo - 8 of our favourite fitness pros worth following.

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1. Shona Vertue

Find at: @shona_vertue & @vertue_yoga

 Ex-elite gymnast, personal trainer, yoga teacher, functional training fanatic and psychology student. 

Follow for: Bite sized mobility sequences, technique perfecting tips and interviews with other health experts to round out your practice. 

Check out: The Vertue Method book and online fitness and mobility programmes (a yoga programme is currently in the works as well!)

2. Meg Boggs

Find at: @meg.boggs 

 In her own words: 'Author, athlete, advocate, mother.'

Follow for: Awe-inspiring displays of strength, health at every size advocacy and #thankyoubody moments. 

Check out: Meg's Book Fitness for Every Body is available for preorder now. 

3. Jessamyn Stanley

Find at: @mynameisjessamyn

 Yogi, pod host, Cosmo cover-girl

Follow for: The realities of yoga (going with the flow isn't always easy), resources and discussions on race and appropriation in yoga and insights into her life as part of a polyamorous family.  

Check out: Every Body Yoga (available now), Yoke (available for preorder), Dear Jessamyn Podcast 

4. Tally Rye

Find at: @tallyrye

 Intuitive mover, health-first trainer, author, pod host

Follow for: Follow-along dance (& other) workouts, how-tos on ditching diet culture and moving intuitively, explorations on all the reasons to get moving which have nothing to do with weight loss.

Check out: Train Happy book, Train Happy podcast, Train Happy Facebook group, Fit and Fearless Podcast

5. Soph Butler

Find at: @sophjbutler

 Disability activist, fashion-lover, Comso Influencer of the Year 2019

Follow for: accessible and inclusive workouts, how to support and advocate people with disabilities in fitness and beyond.

Check out: Soph's Youtube channel & daily emails

6. Britteny Floyd-Mayo

Find at: @trapyogabae 

 Yogi, community leader, your biggest cheerleader.

Follow for: Non-traditional yoga practice from a highly qualified teacher, signature ratchet affirmations, pathways to radical self-love and self-belief

Check out: Trap Yoga Bae app, Trap Yoga Bae online community, hear Britteny's incredible story on I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

7. Lucy Mountain

Find at: @lucymountain & @nobsguides

 No-burpees trainer, diet-culture exposer, cat mum, chief nob

Follow for: NOBS (no bullshit) work outs, hilarious takes on diet-culture fads, fitness as a community - not just a practice.

Check out:  NOBS Guides, NOBS Facebook group 

8. Madalin Giorgetta 

Find at: @madalingiorgetta 

Trainer, health science student, anti-diet advocate

Follow for: Science based information on health, movement & weight and how the three are (or are not) interlinked. Her size-inclusive swim, active and lounge wear brand Mimi Kini. 

Check out: Mimi Kini, Work it with MG app, Move Loops fitness bands

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