Ethical & Sustainable Gift Tool Kit

If you're looking to buy more ethically or sustainably this holiday season, it can be pretty overwhelming know where to start. 

Our sustainable gift took kit isn't your average gift guide. Rather than telling you what to buy we've listed some tools you can use to determine who is the real deal and who is just guilty of greenwashing. 

Good On You (Website & App)

Good on You profiles major brands and business and gives them one of five possible ratings between 'We Avoid' and 'Great'. They use data from parent companies, third party analyses & independent certifications. In the simplest terms, they use this information to determine how each brand treats animals, the planet and the people who work for it. 

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Britt's List

Britt's list by Brittanie Dreghorn interviews, reviews and profiles experts, designers, brands & more in the sustainable fashion space. With an emphasis on supporting small, Australian business Britt's list is the perfect place to start if you're feeling a little uninspired. Purchasing from a business featured on her website doesn't just secure a great gift but an amazing story to go with it.

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Welcome to Country Online Gift Store

Welcome to Country is a non-profit organisation focused on employment and economic opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people. Their main focus is tourism. There are a range of experiences and immersion which can be booked online. As there are still some restrictions remaining on travel, another great way to support the organisation is through their beautiful online gift store which offers a range of homewares, art, books, fashion and so much more.

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Eco Warrior Princess' 100 Ethical, Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Birthdays and Christmas 

Need a little more direction? Eco Warrior Princess have rounded up 100 of their favourite gift ideas. There's something for everyone: cookbooks, clothing, kitchenwares, homewares - even a handcrafted skateboard. The list was published in 2018 so some of the items may no longer be available but it's a fantastic reference point for anyone feeling totally lost. 

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Keepin' It Local

If you're looking to support small and support local this year, Keepin' It Local's directory of Australian owned businesses is a fantastic place to start. Co-founders Deanna and Daniel came up with the idea after seeing what a challenging period 2020 has been for small business owners [peep us in the Clothing section].

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Gift Cards

If you still can't quite decide, don't overlook the value of a thoughtfully chosen gift card. We're not talking about a generic Coles Myer card but instead something for a store or service you know they love. Letting them choose for themselves is a great way to make sure they get something they really want and avoids giving them something they'll politely thank you for, leave in the cupboard for a few months then send to landfill unused. 

Speaking of...

We have gifts cards for our curated collection of ethical, sustainable active and life style wear available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. If you'd like a custom amount or a custom code for your lucky loved one just send us a message at and we would be thrilled to organise something for you.




Do you have any must-use resources for sustainable and ethical buying? 

Let us know at and we'll add them to the list.

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