What does GOTS certified organic cotton mean?

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We talk a lot about some of our range being GOTS certified organic cotton, but what does that actually mean?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. They are an international textile organisation who certify manufacturers using people and planet loving practices in their entire supply chain. 

The criteria include the farming process right through to the rights of the garment workers.

 Some of the key criteria for GOTS certification include...

  • minimum organic content of 95%
  • no carcinogens 
  • no heavy metals, formaldehydes, GMOs (& more)
  • no PVC, nickel or chrome accessories
  • any paper material must be recycled
  • must meet international labour organisation criteria 

When you spend your money with GOTS certified organisations you know you are supporting honest, transparent businesses who value the people who make their clothes and the resources used to make them.  

To learn more about GOTS certified organic cotton and why it is such a significant certification for ethical and sustainable brands head to www.global-standard.org 

You can shop our range of GOTS certified organic cotton pieces here

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