It's time for a change...

Goodbye… & hello!

Some big changes are coming.

It’s with sadness, excitement and relief that I am announcing the wrap-up of the ‘store’ part of The Good Look Store.

The purpose behind this project was to connect, engage, inspire and learn. Fair fashion, sustainability and environmental justice are so important to me. So when I began this journey, an e-store showcasing brands leading the way in sustainability seemed like the perfect format to spread the message.

Only.. it hasn’t been. There is a few reasons for that.

There are so many incredible businesses with noble causes doing wonderful things in this space. However, I’ve found the need to sell has meant my focus as a one-woman team has had to be solely on the business bits and the original purpose has had to fall by the way side.

I am a full time shift worker, a full time student, a partner, a daughter, a friend (or at least I’m trying to be all those things!)

As I creep towards the end of my university degree I will also soon be embarking on a new career as a working conservation & ecology scientist.

All of this has accumulated in sleepless nights, stress, impossible workloads and I don’t even want to think about the money…

So, something has to give.

So, I’m here to stay and the mission remains the same… just without the store bit.

I am going to continue to use this platform to create and share resources on how we can work together to tackle the issues we care so deeply about. I just won’t have anything for sale.

Thank you, honestly, for every single person who placed an order, sent words of encouragement, the beautiful brands who gave me the privilege of stocking their pieces and all of you.. whether you’ve bought something or not.. I’m so happy to have you as part of the community.

It’s time to pivot, evolve and grow into a platform that aligns more closely with why I started this entire adventure. So here goes…

I hope you stay along for the ride!

With kindness,
Rach (owner)

p.s. that means for the first and only time I’ll be setting up some sales over the coming weeks as I work through shutting down the store. Keep an eye out!