Each month, we'll be providing a reading list of pieces we've found interesting, inspiring or educational. Here's our July picks;

Boohoo action on exploitation claims 'inadequate'

BBC News

Major fast fashion brand Boohoo has come under fire for the working conditions of its UK manufacturing locations. Their response has been criticised as vague and lacking a true commitment to do better. 

Over 110 Brands Have Signed 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge Pushing for Industry-Wide Change 

Jennifer Nini, Eco Warrior Princess

A number of brands have pledged to make measurable and time specific changes to the way they do things in order to move towards a circular system.

18 Sustainability Efforts of the Fashion Industry in June 2020

Simone Preuss, Fashion United

A wrap up of recent projects and initiatives launched last month, June 2020. 

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