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Good morning Good Look family,

I've made the decision for The Good Look Store to NOT participate in what is arguably one of the biggest shopping days of the year... Black Friday. 

I'll be honest, it wasn't necessarily easy. 

Big events like Black Friday are a big growth opportunity for a small business. They're great way to get some sales going & a reason to produce content and possibly get seen by new audiences.

However, the event fundamentally does not meet the ethos of the store. Our commitment to sustainability for both people and our planet means we are sitting this one out. 

While we will certainly have sales from time to time - it will not effect the way in which the garments are made or the conditions for the people who make them. The only loss will be from my own bottom line and it will always be conducted in a way that encourages our community to buy mindfully and only choose pieces they will love and wear for a long time. 

If you haven't read it yet, here's what I had to say on Instagram and below are the articles you might find useful. Check it out at

'The core ethos of The Good Look Store is sustainability both for the people who make our clothes and our planet. A global shopping event (it's not just USA anymore!) with massive discounts and messages to BUY BUY BUY does not support those values.

I encourage you to shop consciously.
Choose mindfully, buy what you need & love it for longer.

Of course, it is from a position of privilege that I am able to make this decision. I acknowledge that for some people big sales events are how they are able buy what they need for themselves and their families. If that's you, that's okay.

My discomfort with Black Friday comes from the behaviour of the businesses. Many of which are fast fashion brands who regularly slash prices up to 70-80% (not just for Black Friday) and bring out new ranges & hundreds (sometimes thousands) of new items on a weekly basis... but still don't pay their garment workers a living wage, won't publish their supply chain and use production and waste management practices which are killing our planet. If you can afford to have constant massive mark downs & constant introduction of new stuff... you can afford to do the other stuff too.

...if you are going to shop today I encourage you to dig a little deeper into the brands you are buying from and consider who you want your money to support.'

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