Finding Your Fit When You Buy Online✨

Finding Your Fit When You Buy Online✨

Getting the best fit when you’re shopping online can be tricky.

But making sure you’re buying things that fit right so you’ll love and wear them for longer is an important part of building a sustainable wardrobe.

Here’s a few tips on how to nail your size online

1. Read the size guide.
Unfortunately, sizing isn’t always standard between brands. Having a quick squizz over the size guide can help you get an idea if the brand runs big, small or true to size.

2. Check the measurements.
Many brands will have measurements for their items (as shown in the video) available. Taking the few extra minutes to measure yourself may mean the differences between perfect and a painful returns process.

3 Compare with what you already have.
Do you have a similar item that gives you an idea of how you want this new piece to fit? Rather than measuring your body, which changes as you move, measure something you already have. For example if it’s a bit too small, add a couple of cm to guide which size to buy.

You can check out our size guide here or get in contact here if you have any questions regarding our range and sizing.