Sustainable shopping: How do you know when it's time for something new?

Sustainable Fashion

If you're trying to create more conscious shopping habits separating the WANT from the NEED can be easier said than done.

Here's a few things to look out for that suggest it really is time for an update.



this might seem a little obvious, but how many of us keep old or ill-fitting clothes in the hopes our body will magically morph into the shape it once was.

change your clothes to fit your body, not other way around.

 If you have a cupboard full of clothes you can't readily wear, start by investing in 1 or 2 perfectly fitting pieces & celebrate the joy that comes with how good wearing them actually feels


how does it feel when you're actually moving in it? Is it chaffing? rubbing? falling? scrunching? are the seams falling apart? is the waistband rolling? can you no longer feel the support that was once there?

if the piece is no longer functional, it's time to replace it. Purchasing with purpose means wearing each piece for as much of it's useful life as you can... not until it falls right off you halfway through a workout.

(avoid) THE FRENZY

one of the hardest parts of working towards conscious consumption is avoiding the frenzy; fast fashion, sales, last chance, limited time only...

before you buy, ask yourself a few questions;

do i own anything similar?

do i own something that serves the same purpose?

who made these clothes and under what conditions?

would i buy this full price?

have i thrown out/donated/not worn anything similar?

will i still love it in a week, a month, year?

If you're not sure, take some time to think about it, try using something you already have or borrow from a friend first.

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