About Us

What We Do

Well, a few things.

First & foremost we are a sustainable and slow fashion store based in Australia, specialising in women’s active wear. We connect our customers with brands that only use people and planet loving practices, through this we support you to create your own practice of mindful movement.

We also provide free and accessible resources to help you apply the ethos of us and the businesses we work with to the rest of your wardrobe and beyond.

Our Why

Fast fashion has an incredibly destructive effect on our planet and the people who make it. We believe we as consumers have the power to help make a change. While we absolutely support other sustainable shopping practices such as swapping, borrowing & buying second hand, we’ve found the need for quality, functionality and support in clothing made for movement means we prefer to invest in high quality items from trusted brands and love them for a very long time. We work to make shopping ethically and sustainably effortless. 

Our Values


We work with brand partners who can tell us who made their clothes, where and under what conditions. They can assure us their garment workers are paid a living wage and treated with respect. 


We work with brand partners who consider the environmental impact at all stages of their production and distribution processes. We do the same and minimise harm in every part of our business. 


We are honest and open about who we are and who we work with. Our customers can easily find information about how we operate and our goals for the future.

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